CDP and TRAC Media Collaboration

CDP is excited to announce that we have teamed up with TRAC Media to create a service that fully optimizes data from PBS passport.

TRAC Media Services is a research company that is expert in the analysis and bench-marking for the Public Media system. With over 100 Public Media stations using their services, their goal is to help stations better communicate and serve their donors.

The new service, powered by the CDP Analytics Engine, will use tools and expertise from both parties to bring together public media viewership with trends in consuming Passport content by station members. CDP brings its ability to analyze large amounts of data and deliver actionable insights to stations while TRAC Media brings their expertise in analyzing and bench-marking viewership of PBS audiences. CDP and TRAC Media understand how much value and actionable information is within Passport viewership and want to assist stations in retrieving all the insight available.

Stations will have the opportunity to sign up directly with TRAC Media to participate. We look forward to this collaboration and getting stations involved.

To read more about this new partnership, click here for Current’s most recent article.

Barry NelsonComment