Tis' Giving Season

The holiday season is filled with great food, family, and all types of giving. With 21.8% of total online annual giving in 2016, December is the largest giving month and continues to increase consistently.  Donors are feeling more generous and tend to make some last-minute gifts during the end of the year.

Want a slice of the holiday giving pie? We found an article that outlines some tips on how to promote your holiday fundraising campaign.

  1. Update your Website: Make sure it is easy for donors to donate right on your homepage. Display a call-to-action button.

  2. Backwards Email Campaign: To plan for frequency and content in emails, plan backwards from your holiday campaign end date.

  3. Create Custom Messages for Social Shares: Motivate donors to share content by allowing for easy social sharing buttons.

  4. Utilize your Newsletter: Make sure you still send a regular Newsletter in December to remain consistent. While remaining on brand and continuing to make your newsletter about your mission, mention your holiday campaign as well.

  5. Create a Holiday Campaign Hashtag: This will allow for sharing and monitoring of posts.

  6. Change Profile and Cover Photos: This will increase campaign awareness.

  7. Pin Tweet or Facebook Post to the Top of your Profile Page: This will allow for this message to always be the first thing donors see while your holiday campaign is running.

  8. Compliment your Email Campaign: Reiterate email announcements in social messaging.

  9. Include Visuals in Posts: Visuals statistically increase engagement.

  10. Create a Branded Donation Page: Make sure all messaging and images are consistent with the campaign.

  11. Customize Giving Levels for Different Donor Groups: Create custom donation pages for donors of different giving capacities. This could encourage larger gift amounts.

Does your station have any other Holiday Fundraisings Tips?

Barry NelsonComment