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What we do


Powering collaborative fundraising for public media


Founded in 2011, CDP is a cooperative fundraising alliance that pioneers new and innovative fundraising technologies, marketing strategies, and scaled best practices on behalf of more than 230 public radio and television stations. The concept of sharing data across the system to analyze fundraising performance and share best practices was born from an initiative by the Major Market Group of Public Television (MMGPTV). With support from the Corporation of Public Broadcasting and WGBH, a group of stations built the industry’s first and only National Reference File (NRF), a tool used daily to help stations better understand areas of opportunity for increasing their fundraising effectiveness and efficiency.

A history of breakthrough solutions

CDP is an engine of innovation, constantly seeking ways to better the public media system. A few examples:


A future of collaborative success

To cost-effectively identify and convert new prospects, stations today need a robust, integrated multi-channel fundraising approach that leverages cutting-edge technology, innovative practices, advanced analytics and economies of scale. With proven data-driven strategies and advanced software and services, CDP can improve your station’s economics through better and lower-cost fundraising services. Stations can then use these additional resources to strengthen their connections to their local communities. At CDP, “more for your mission” is our sole purpose.