Cut Through the Noise

How well do you capture your donor’s attention?

What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘noise’? Music? Your morning alarm? Car horns honking in traffic? While these are all correct, the term noise discussed here will be in relation to marketing.

This type of noise, which makes no actual sound, has a negative connotation. It is the clutter and mass amount of promotional content that consumers and donors encounter every day. Noise distracts from the message that you are trying to communicate and makes it difficult for the audience to remember it.

Donors have many psychological obstacles that they need to face before making a transaction.

First off, they need to become aware of the giving opportunity. This is where you need to break through the noise and create a captivating and clear message for them to latch on to. If someone doesn’t notice or even remember your organization, how do you expect them to be motivated to donate?

Marketing messages should be organized and visually appealing.

Making your message clear and concise is very important.

Cut out extra images and words. In marketing, less is more applies. These may seem nice to you, but keep in mind that you already know the message. Those who you are targeting do not.

Test your donor reach out on co-workers in other departments or even friends and family. Ask them to summarize what you are trying to say.

Now thinking about the concept of marketing noise… thinking back to yesterday, how many advertisements do you remember?

Be clear, concise, and captivating.