Are you Convenient?

With apps and sites like Uber, Venmo, Foodler, and Amazon, we have all become accustomed to convenience. Effortless and simple has become the expectation. Many will spend more if the item or experience is perceived to make their lives easier.

Black Friday was the biggest spending day, but with Cyber Monday is existence more people are beginning to skip the physical shopping and move to easier online deals. Why? It’s convenient.

Donating isn’t different. People expect and demand uncomplicated and uninvolved giving experiences.

Here’ some tips on how to be convenient:

Have your website be easily navigated

Be mobile friendly and have responsive design

Allow for Apple Wallet use

Accept Automatic Bank Withdrawals (EFT)

Have share buttons for social media and email

Easily accessible customer service help (online “FAQ” as well as real-time live assistance)

“Contact Us” page should be easily found

Put exciting/relevant information on your home page

For more great tips on how to optimize your donor’s digital experience, check out our Digital and Online Fundraising Checklist.

Do you have any tips to make your donor’s lives easier?