Unlock your major giving potential with cost-effective wealth screening

Beginning in December 2018, CDP and PBS forged a partnership in order to help stations more readily access major donor prospecting in a cost-effective way. As the PBS Foundation launched the Prospect Development Initiative (PDI) which helped stations screen and optimize their donor data, CDP stepped in to provide those same stations turn-key wealth screening tools otherwise unavailable to them. Leveraging CDP’s collaborative fundraising model and exclusive relationship with DonorSearch, participating stations began unlocking their major giving potential for significantly less than their nonprofit peers.

In the last year, the PDI enabled 25 stations to screen over 315,000 records and identify 132,000 major giving prospects (mostly new) with the ability to make a charitable gift of at least $25,000 — uncovering $10.5 billion in major giving capacity.

This low-cost offer from PBS and CDP can help your station take this first, critical step to building capacity for major giving in your market for costs up to 50% less than traditional vendors.

For information on pricing, contact Natasha Hilton at CDP. Want to know more about PDI? Reach out to Emerald Thomas at the PBS Foundation.

Attending PMDMC this year? Make sure to stop by the CDP booth and join us for the session ‘Cracking the Code on Wealth Screening for Major Gifts’ on Thursday, July 11th at 1:15pm.