Revenue opportunity action report


The ROAR is a quarterly benchmarking report that identifies the current state of your station’s fundraising program and areas of opportunity. By leveraging information from our 230+ member stations, we give you access to data that was previously unavailable.

 Based on 24 key fundraising metrics of your station’s donors and operations, we provide insights into how your fundraising performance compares with system averages, as well as comparable stations’. The result is more sophisticated data analysis – analysis that enables smarter audience segmentation and more personalized communication across a variety of platforms.

Already receiving ROAR?

The ROAR report contains a lot of information, but that information only becomes actionable if you know what to do with it. Upon your request, therefore, we’ll perform an in-depth review of your ROAR report – at no cost.

This will help you:

  • Better understand your current metrics and their impact on your station’s fundraising.

  • Identify performance issues and new revenue opportunities.

  • Determine which CDP services and best practices are most likely to boost net revenue.

ROAR reviews are conducted by CDP consultant Lo Hartnett. A veteran industry development leader, Lo has helped many stations rebuild their programs, improve their performance and enhance their net revenues. To schedule a personalized, one-on-one consultation, please follow the link below.

Click to see sample ROAR report