Vehicle Donations

By negotiating a volume-based, flat-fee structure with the nation’s largest vehicle auction provider, we’ve delivered substantial increases in net revenue to participating stations - more than $10 million since 2011. Project details are password protected.

Thank You Calls

Our Thank-You Call program consists of simple, yet highly effective, thank-you calls to targeted donors. In the program’s first two years, participating stations saw a collective 56% increase in first-year donor retention and a 72% increase in first-year-revenue retention. Project details are password protected.

Member Benefits

Our cost-effective Member Benefits program is customized to your station, including a branded portal and mobile app. Its data-centric structure provides valuable usage reporting and analytics. Project details are password protected.



Door-to-door fundraising promotes personalized conversations with prospective donors about your programming, mission and community outreach efforts. At an average net cost per donor of just $16 (versus direct mail’s typical cost of $67), the canvassing program has acquired more than 360,000 new donors for participants – 30% of whom are sustainers. Project details are password protected.

Digital Prospecting

CDP can relieve the stress of staying on top of leads with a free, fully branded solution that turns hot prospects into valued donors. Since 2011, we’ve delivered about 1.9 million prospects to stations – at no cost to them. Project details are password protected.

Acquisition Mail

Acquisition mail is an essential part of successful fundraising. CDP’s Direct Mail Acquisition program gives you all the benefits of a data-driven campaign with zero upfront risk. With our per-donor pricing model, you pay only for new donors acquired. This can slash your costs by 50% or more. Project details are password protected.

Database Enhancement

The member database is your station’s most valuable asset. We enhance its value with wealth & philanthropy screening and donor demographic appends. Armed with this information, your fundraisers can reach out to the right donors, at the right time, with an ideal ask amount, maximizing efficiency and the odds for success. Project details are password protected.

Analytics Engine

Using the National Reference File, CDP will cleanse, distill and analyze PBS Passport viewer data to provide your station with actionable intelligence. Project details are password protected.