Digital marketing hub


CDP has partnered with Next Generation, a full-service agency providing fundraising and development management strategy and direct response services to nonprofit organizations. As a collective co-op, this strategic partnership helps stations reach more donors and prospects with more effective and efficient digital ad buying power. CDP’s expertise in collaborative fundraising and NextGen’s three decade-long involvement in public media is a powerful combination that brings digital ad buying capabilities to stations at a fraction of the cost and very little internal resource allocation.

The digital media co-op allows public media stations to work together in buying digital media, specifically display, search, and social ads. Data predicts a blended return on ad spend of $2, allowing TV and radio stations to achieve ROAS similar to large organizations. Buying collectively also allows for affordability and access to:

  • Advanced ad buying technologies

  • Targeting of audiences using demographics like age, gender, location

  • Digital campaign management (example ad spaces seen to the left)

  • Station-specific, creative messaging

  • Monthly reports that analyze impact of station investment

Contact Brooks Heckner or download our one sheet for more info.